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The Massey Family.

Amber and her husband, Jordan, live in the suburbs of Dallas with 12 years of marriage under their belts and four little ones, Parker and Jolie (4 year old twins), Baker Bree (2 years), and Brady (7 months). Amber is a registered dietitian turned SAHM with a knack for recipe creating and entertaining.  Amber started blogging almost 10 years ago to which it naturally fell into documenting life as a newly married couple and eventually transformed her web space into sharing about motherhood and all the dirty nooks and crannies that come along with it. Jordan is a firefighter and paramedic, working 24 hour shifts every third day along with picking up 12-hr shifts as a medic in the ER of a hospital on his days off.  life can be messy and hard and obnoxious and in the midst of their own chaos Amber and Jordan share their stories in hopes to offer encouragement or advice to those in similar seasons of life, ultimately bringing some sense of relief that “you are not alone.”





The Ensor Family.  Take the Cannoli Instagram.
You know what they say; “The family that adventures together, stays together!”

Recent transplants from the OC to Tennessee; Nat is a home/hotel educator to Elsie Pearl (8) and Vernon Ribble (6). Micah is a National Director in a nationwide healthcare organization whose travel schedule gives the family opportunities to jet set around the country together throughout the year. We are also heavily involved in supporting and working with Sole Hope; a non-profit organization based in Jinja Uganda.  On any given day you might find the Ensor family out hiking, roller skating, going downtown Nashville to hear music, or at home tending to our chickens and garden.  Currently we are living in the throes of a major remodel on a colonial home in Nashville Tennessee. The hope and dream for this home is that it will be used to facilitate a deep sense of community whose doors are always open to those who are looking for a place to belong!








This Gathered Nest. Angie & CR – YouTube.
We are a family of 9, just trying to love each other well and love those around us! We are high school sweethearts, blessed with 7 children! Some grew in my belly and some grew in our hearts. We homeschool and love to go on adventures, believing that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.  We have built an incredible community through our Youtube channel, where I share about motherhood, product favorites, travel and lifestyle!  We are also very passionate about helping vulnerable children, both in our community and around the world.





Elexis and Family. Hi! We are Shaeson and Elexis. We have 3 children, Bentleigh, Hurleigh, and Ellie. The mountains are where we call home in beautiful Utah. Shaeson works outside the home while I stay at home with the kids. We have been married for 7 years and many more to come. Enjoy this little glimpse into our crazy world we call life.












Live Sweet Family.
Phil and Lindsey live with their three children in a life-sized dollhouse on a lake in the woods, with a barnyard full of goats, donkeys, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, rabbits, and more. Lindsey spends her days baking cookies, taking photos, and playing with the children and animals. Phil builds barns for the animals, cooks healthy food for everyone, and spends as much time as possible going on adventures of all sizes, usually with the children. On an adventure or not, the children get dirty and skin their knees in the summer, and in the winter they get cold noses and fingers, then warm up with hot chocolate.









The Sabin Family.
Sadie is a self love advocate and shares on fitness, family life, fashion and her own journey. Sadie and her husband Jeff have three children and have an infatuation with life and living!











The Lesnefsky Family.
Ben and Natalie have four children with their fifth due any day! Natalie has been sharing their family life and her creative ideas through her blog since she first became a mother. Ben has worked in youth ministry for 8 out of the 10 years of their marriage. They both have a passion for celebrating moments, big and small, with the people they love. They love being community builders and encouragers. Life isn’t always perfect or stress free but if you slow down you can see the magic in those crazy moments.